eBanking - but secure!



There have been increasing reports of data leaks in online shops, exchange platforms and large internet portals recently. But do such vulnerabilities also affect e-banking access data?

Yet another leak is reported almost every week: You hear of access data stolen or compromised in some other way ever more frequently. This affects news portals and shops just as much as auction houses and exchange websites.

An increasing number of end users is questioning the security of websites. Even if no case has come to light involving the theft of passwords or other sensitive information from a Swiss financial institution yet, the question arises just how good the security of our e-banking access is in general.

The good news: There is no threat to the access security of your bank’s e-banking facility - just as long as you follow a few basic rules when handling your data.

This also involves using a secure password and not passing this on or storing it in an unencrypted manner. You should never use the same password for your e-banking and other online services, such as e-mail or online shops, since your e-banking access would no longer be secure either if these other services were hacked. So you don’t have to remember all of the different passwords for the various services you use, we would recommend using a password manager.

The IT infrastructure of Swiss banks is deemed very secure. Data theft due to hacker attacks is extremely unlikely - especially when compared to cheap online chops from China. Criminals are much more likely to coax end users into disclosing their access data with the help of faked e-mails and websites. You should therefore also protect yourself against phishing attacks.

Last but not least, your device should be protected by a virus scanner and firewall and regularly updated so to not give (banking) Trojans any chance of stealing your confidential details.

For as long as they look after their access details properly, Swiss banking customers are therefore protected against data theft and consequently also against financial losses. And with our rules, this is easier than you think!

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