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Security News

  • 05.12.2017:

    The Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI were once again notified of a list with access data consisting of log-ins and passwords. This time, 70,000 sets of data are involved.
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  • 04.12.2017:

    Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser. Above all, this all-new version 57 promises higher speeds and improved security.
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  • 29.11.2017:

    Over the past few weeks, police have received a number of reports of so-called «CEO fraud». We will explain what this involves and how you can protect yourself.
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  • 21.11.2017:

    The first digital day will be taking place in Switzerland today, including some top-notch participants. Find out what digitisation means to you specifically – and what opportunities there are.
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